Friday, August 22, 2008

My Life In A Blog

So here I am again! NTS camp was awesome! I had stayed in a dorm with two other buddies and had a schedule everyday, but didn't feel overwhelmed at all. In fact we had a lot of free time. I got to meet some great bands, like the Tommee Profitt Band and Group1Crew.

Every morning and night we would have worship music lead by Micah. We had team competitions three times during the week, it was so hot outside. We were the Gold/Yellow Team, I got tons of complements on my yellow top hat!

Also, I went to Soulfest this year for the first time. I got to see Ten Shekel Shirt and Jars of Clay, but TobyMac was the highlight of the evening.

I think this year has been the most adventurous for me. I've been to Arizona for the first time in March, I went to New York for the first time, I've met two bands that I love, tonight I'm going to see Entrain, tomorrow, I'm going to see Brian Regan and on September 12th I'm going to see Micky Dolenz!! (YEE!) My life is usually not as exciting as this. I'm enjoying summer while it lasts. Oh, but I do love fall until the first snow fall. I get all warm inside just thinking about hot apple cider and cider doughnuts...mmm. Anyway I must go, it's lunch time for me and I'm missing What Not to Wear!