Thursday, December 22, 2011

Book Report

Jayce has been really into a graphic novel series from the library and wanted to share about it on our blog.  So here's his mini-book report:

 I just finished a book series called Bone by Jeff Smith, and it took me a year! It's a 9 book series. It's about a small creature named Fone Bone. He meets a Princess by the name of Thorn. Bone and Thorn get in a war with things called Rat creatures. The Rat creatures leader is the Hooded one A.K.A. Briara. Thorn and Fone Bone had found some info on something called THE CROWN OF HORNS. And found the crown of horns in the dragon's burial place. After Bone and Thorn touched it Briara disappeared! After that Thorn became Queen of the valley and Fone Bone went back to boneville.     THE END!